SZV to host medical referrals information session live online | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–Social and Health Insurance SZV will be hosting a live information session on its SZV Facebook page today, Tuesday, at 10:30am. The topic will be the rights and duties of patients and companions when on medical referrals abroad.

In a press release on Monday, SZV stated that it aims to better inform the public on the medical referrals abroad policy for its clients. Interested persons can visit SZV’s public Facebook page, search for “Social & Health Insurances SZV” on Facebook, or click on the Facebook icon on the website to view the session.

The highlight of the session will be the rights of patients and companions and the do’s and don’ts when being referred abroad via SZV for medical treatment. Several corresponding topics will also be presented, including the medical referrals abroad service of SZV in general, the role of the referring physician or specialist, customer service and the complaints procedure.

General information regarding the medical referrals abroad policy and procedures can be found on the SZV website. Via the website, persons can also enquire about the status of their individual requests and related matters such as online upload of documents that need to be submitted. By making these options available online, clients locally and abroad may have easier contact with SZV, reducing the need to call or visit the office.

Patients are reminded that the status of their requests and pending actions can also be obtained via their referring physicians.

The information session recording will be available on the SZV website at a later date, including a downloadable presentation of the content shared. Clients are encouraged to watch the live broadcast and share the information with those interested.

Source: The Daily Herald