SZV to launch online employer mutations

PHILIPSBURG–Social and Health Insurances SZV will soon launch its Employers web-portal pilot project, a part of its Action Plan 3.0. The development of the web-portal forms part of the core of SZV’s Action Plan, creating a more efficient and customer-centred organization. The launch will result in an estimated 70 per cent increase in customer service efficiency and data access.

The pilot project consisting of 10 selected target groups will start in November.

The web-portal, Online Employers Mutation, is designed to facilitate Human Resource Departments/Managers in accessing and processing mutations for their companies online. This new development will provide employers with efficient 24/7 access to SZV and in most cases eliminating the requirement to visit the SZV employer desk.

The web-portal will offer employers the opportunity to digitally submit to SZV any changes within their company, including, but not limited to: new staff members, promotions, dismissals, changes in salary, functions and/or occupations. Employers will also have access to an overview of current and former personnel registered under their companies.

The pilot project will be an on-site event where SZV staff members will visit each target group to provide an introduction as well as hands-on training for the web-portal. The importance of an on-site pilot is to be able to directly assist and enhance the user experience within their own business environment.

SZV will be collecting feedback from the employers which will be used to further improve the web-portal for future use by all SZV business users. The selected target groups have expressed great willingness to take part in the pilot project; a much desired collaboration by both SZV and the employers.

Source: The Daily Herald SZV to launch online employer mutations