Tae kwon do students pass quarterly exams

MIDDLE REGION–A total of 54 athletes successfully passed their quarterly examination at the King Yen Tae kwon do School at Sister Marie Laurence School on Saturday.  The group had to display endurance, flexibility, basic techniques and patterns and the more advanced were also tested on free sparring and breaking boards.

    The passing of the examination earned the athlete the right to wear the next higher coloured belt.
White belt – one yellow stripe
  Adding a yellow strip to their white belts were, Kyanni Atmopawiro, Shaqil  Atmopawiro, Erika  Brown, Emerson  Derval, Nathalie Dorane, D’Shawn Joseph, Josue  Hyacinthe, Matthew  Persaud, Myles Holiday, George Woodly and one of the youngest students six year old Maxim  Persaud. 

tae2White belt – two yellow stripes
  Kyanni Atmopawiro, Shaqil Atmopawiro, Elenor Arancibia, Mahaila  Artiles Gadishaw, Erika  Brown, Leomar Dolphin, Mario Dorane, Jai Hiu  Henry, Josue Hyacinthe, D’Andre  Victor, Kiara  Williams, George  Woodly, and six year olds Xavier  Aventurin, Jamerie  Richardson and Desire Sylvester earned their White belt with two yellow stripes.

Yellow belt
  Yellow belts were earned by 11 year old Kiara William and six year olds Jaden  Batista, Ronaldo  Candia – Williams, Emily  Leysner, Marcellus  Mathew and Desire  Sylvester.

Yellow belt – green stripe
  Adding a green stripe to their yellow belts are Adjani Blake, Aarti Gianchandani, Jayden Harriott, Anna-Lynn Hypolite,  Emilius Rey and Earl Ryan.

Green belt
  Earning the right to wear a green belt are Caitlin  Amatkasmoeri, Vanye  Beeldsnijder, Angelique  Helliger and Mekhi Holaman.

Green belt – blue stripe
  Alisia   Helliger, Micheal  Helliger and Francky Helliger added a blue stripe to their green belts.  

Blue belt
    Khalil  Beeldsnijder, Eldert Joel Louisa, Andres Patrick, Jheremy  Rombley and Tyrell Richardson passed the examination for Blue belt.

Blue belt – red stripe
  A Red stripe will be added to the Blue belts of  Khalil Beeldsnijder,  Eldert Joel Louisa and Andries

In the adult group Julian Fleming earned a  Blue belt. 

“Each time the students graduate from one level to the next, it is a positive development for the Tae kwon do sport on St. Maarten,” said Theo Liu Grand Master of King Yen.
  The Grand Master was assisted in administering the examinations by his local  made black belt holders Freya Knaggs, Yanick Patrick, Destiny Washington, Lee – Ann Liu, Ivyanne Loisa and the school therapist and tournament coordinator Paulien Vuijst.
“We had quite some students that took an exam for the first time and the results were encouraging” said Master Liu.  He continued, “Most students do the exam for one higher grade but very good students may do two exams at the same day. They advance two grades if they pass both exams.”
  Tae kwon do is more than just a sport to the Grand master.  In addition to teaching how to punch, kick and block, Liu works with each student to develop physical and mental health, instil respect, dedication and discipline and self-esteem.
Tae kwon do helps  students  acquire a higher level of inner peace  and  self-control through meditation.

Source: Daily Herald
Tae kwon do students pass quarterly exams