Tanaya Initiative donates 7 water filters to Haiti

PHILIPSBURG–In the wake of Hurricane Mathew that devastated Haiti recently, providing assistance in any way or form has become crucial. In this spirit new foundation Tanaya Initiative donated seven LifeStraw® filters to United Haitian Foundation President Celicus Lamicia at Office World on Friday.

    LifeStraw water filters convert contaminated water into clean, safe drinking water. The easy-to-use filters are a vital tool for some of the 780 million people who do not have ready access to safe drinking water, leaving them at risk for diarrheal disease, which kills more than 1.5 million people every year.

  Safe drinking water is especially important for vulnerable groups such as children under five, pregnant women and people living with HIV. LifeStraw® water filters also prevent cryptosporidiosis, a major cause of diarrheal illness in people living with HIV and children under five.

  Tanya Balani, a student at St. Dominic High School, is the president of the foundation. She said, “Clean and safe drinking water is one of the most important needs and I have taken it upon myself through my initiative to launch a campaign to assist in raising funds in order to provide not only bottled water, but to go one step further by providing a method by which clean drinking water can be obtained from any pool of water.”

  One of the most important characteristics of this product is that it requires no electrical power, batteries or replacement parts, allowing the victims in Haiti to utilise it at any time. This means that dirty water goes into the LifeStraw®, microorganisms are physically removed and safe drinking water comes out, according to Balani. 

  Lamicia was grateful to Office World and Tanaya Initiative. She gladly accepted the seven filters and said they would be transported with other goods donated by several businesses and individuals in two containers that will be leaving for Haiti soon.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/61691-tanaya-initiative-donates-7-water-filters-to-haiti