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PHILIPSBURG–The Tax Administration is urging taxpayers to make their payments of taxes and premiums online and it has cancelled all appointments with its employees, due to the developments with the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.  

In a press release on Tuesday, the Tax Administration requested that payment of taxes and social premiums be made online through the taxpayers’ preferred bank. Payment can be made to the Tax Administration’s bank account at Windward Islands Bank (WIB) dollar account 324800-03 or guilder account 324800-05, or its RBC Royal Bank dollar account 5425048 or guilder account 403930461. All US dollar inquiries pertaining to cashiers (including requests for receipt of online payments) can be sent to

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Payment is still possible at the cashier at the Government Building and at the Public Service Center (PSC) in Simpson Bay.

“In order to maintain the desired social (physical) distance from each other, the Tax Administration has decided that only 10 people may stand in line or be seated on the specified seats at a time in the Vineyard Building,” it was stated in the release. “Please look for the markings on the floor and the seats. In the Government Administration Building, a maximum of 20 people may be present at the same time for payments.”

Services to clients are available at the counter of the office in the Vineyard Building, but are limited to the submission of documents (declarations and appeals).

Documents that are to be picked up will be emailed. Persons are asked to provide their email address when requesting statements. Persons who are without computers and Internet, etc., can pick up their documents between 2:00 and 3:00pm only.

All other services (for example, with regard to payment arrangements) will be exclusively provided by telephone or e-mail. All information will be provided by telephone or email

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The Tax Administration urges the public to not visit its office unless it is absolutely necessary.

“Only those who come to pay or submit documents will be helped. The necessary physical distance will be kept between clients and employees of the Tax Administration. We have placed additional hand sanitizers in the public area for your use and protection. Please make use of them. In addition, clients who are ill and who have flu-like symptoms such as coughing, sneezing and fever, etc., or who have just travelled, are requested not to visit the Tax Administration.”

   For further information, contact the Tax Administration at

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or (721) 542-2143, (721) 542-5301, (721) 542-5304, or (721) 542-3839.

Source: The Daily Herald