Tax office uses new method to seize vehicles in Statia and Saba | THE DAILY HERALD

A vehicle with a barnacle attached to the windscreen.

SABA/ST. EUSTATIUS–The Caribbean Netherlands (CN) tax office has devised a new system to prevent taxpayers who refuse to meet their fiscal payment obligations from using their vehicles.

This new instrument, which is called a barnacle, will become an alternative to the wheel clamp. It consists of a shield which will be attached to the vehicle’s windscreen with industrial suction cups. This will obstruct the driver’s view of the road. The instrument is fitted with an alarm and a Global Positioning System (GPS).

The barnacle, which will be used in the so-called enforced recovery procedure (“dwanginvordering”) and which will be installed by a bailiff, ensures that the vehicle can no longer be used until the due amount has been paid.

This instrument will not be used arbitrarily, the tax office assured. Before resorting to this instrument, there should have been “appropriate” communication with the taxpayer. Only when the taxpayer chooses not to pay, the tax office will have no other option than to use this instrument, the tax office’s collection department said.

In Bonaire, and in cooperation with the Public Entity, this instrument will also be used for island taxes such as vehicle road tax.

“Of course, it is preferred not to install this instrument on your vehicle. Therefore, you should pay your taxes in time. Should you have any doubts about outstanding tax debts, the tax office can, of course, provide you with a summary. If you should have any questions on this topic, please contact the tax office CN’s collection department via tel. 715-8585,” the tax office said.

Source: The Daily Herald