Taxes filed online Oct.-Nov. 3 lost due to a system failure

PHILIPSBURG–Persons who filed their taxes online from October 3 to November 3 will have to resubmit their taxes, as all taxes filed during this period have been “lost” due to a “system failure.”

Tax Administration says in a notice that appears on the Government Information Page elsewhere in The Daily Herald that its online services site experienced a system failure during the period October 3 to November 3, resulting in all taxes that were filed online during this period being lost.
“We are requesting all accountants, tax advisers, companies and individuals that filed their taxes (all types) during the abovementioned period for their indulgence in resubmitting the tax forms,” the notice reads.
Tax forms can be resubmitted online using the respective client’s login information or forms can be dropped off at the counter at Tax Administration at the Vineyard Building. Persons have until January 15 to resubmit their taxes. Taxes filed after this date will be subjected to a fine for late filing.
Tax Administration apologised for any inconvenience

Source: The Daily Herald