Taxi driver arrested for aiding in robbery of Oro Diamante

MAHO–Authorities arrested O.A.C. (34) on Monday for aiding in the planned robbery of Oro Diamante on Front Street on Wednesday, August 5, in which bike patrol leader Gamali “Benji” Benjamin was shot and subsequently died.

Prosecutor’s Office spokesperson Karola van Nie told The Daily Herald on Thursday that the man arrested was a taxi driver.

Police spokesperson Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson said in a press release that the arrest, which occurred in Maho, had been without incident. The investigation of the Oro Diamante robbery has been christened “Menam.”

Henson said C. remained in custody for questioning and further investigation. His detention has been extended by eight days as the investigation continues, Henson said.

The Police Force urges persons with information that can assist in this investigation to contact the Department at tip line #9300 or tel. 542-2222.

Benjamin was shot while responding to the Oro Diamante robbery on August 5. He was rushed abroad for further medical attention on Thursday, August 6, returned to the country on August 7, and died peacefully at St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) on Saturday, August 8.

Police have so far detained suspects R.D. (23) known by his artist name Kilo Gotti, who was shot on the scene and initially was hospitalised, J.L. (20) and J.D. (30).

Arrested and then released were F.D. (25), J.J. (18) and J.A. (20). Authorities had said earlier that F.D. was suspected of trying to get rid of evidence that could be important for the detectives to solve this case.

Source: The Daily Herald Taxi driver arrested for aiding in robbery of Oro Diamante