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Vocational Training School students in a classroom on Wednesday morning before being notified that there were no classes.


~ Student steals brand-new car from teacher ~


SOUTH REWARD–St. Maarten Vocational Training School (SMVTS) educators have had enough of bad behaviour, vandalism and intimidation from several students since the school year started in 2018. Teachers sat outside the schoolyard Wednesday and demanded that the school management, Department of Education and Ministry of Education address their urgent concerns as soon as possible.

  The breaking point for teachers was when a student took a set of car keys and disappeared from the classroom on Tuesday and a blue 2019 Tucson with licence plate P9131 was stolen by a student. SMVTS Director Rita Bourne-Gumbs spoke to the children about the incident and no student came forward and admitted to taking the vehicle.

  Classes were cancelled on Wednesday and school bus operators were requested to come and pick up the children at the school. Teachers had an emergency meeting with management, Minister of Education Wycliffe Smith and staff later that day.

  One teacher explained that the atmosphere at SMVTS has gotten worse and something needs to be done immediately. “Teachers do not feel safe anymore at the school and for us to continue working here, that needs to change,” said the teacher.

  Another teacher also informed the minister during the meeting about an incident involving a bus driver parked in front of the school close to the end of the school day Monday.

  “Two students walked inside of the bus and started to beat the bus driver while they took his phone and money away from him. The driver did not call the police and it is sad, because students think they can get away with it without proper punishment by the school,” they said.

  The 2019 Tucson has yet to be found and the school refuses to release the name of the student responsible for the theft.

  One boy was seriously injured during a fight with another student on Wednesday. Police handled the matter and students’ parents are encouraged to speak to their children about their misbehaviour at school.

  Minister Smith  was requested to comment on the matter, but up to press time no reply had been received from the minister or his cabinet.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/85041-teachers-refuse-to-work-until-school-is-safe-again