Teenagers in K1 Britannia work programme complete workshops

PHILIPSBURG–As part of the Training section of the K1 Britannia Work, Training and Social Development (WTSD) Programme, eight teenagers participated in the four-week course given by the Philipsburg Jubilee Library Media Lab.

  The WTSD programme gives foster teenagers and teenagers under probationary measures ages 16-18 work experience placements, educational and practical training courses, “work-ready” workshops and volunteer placements with social development organisations. The programme aims to increase these teenagers’ employability in St. Maarten.   The workshops were very interactive and hands-on. The instructors not only taught the topics at hand, but also challenged the teenagers to think critically while writing their résumés, building a budget and being safe online.   They even gave advice they believed the teenagers needed to better prepare for independent life once they reach 18. Instructors challenged the teenagers to try new things and test their abilities, and encouraged them to always ask questions.

  The workshops were very important because many participants have limited knowledge of information technology (IT), limited access to computers or smartphones and as a result have a low level of computer literacy.

  The four-week course, each workshop being three hours, covered topics such as Introduction to Computers, Microsoft Word Résumé Building, Microsoft Excel Managing Finances and Online Safety.

  Having successfully participated and completed the course, it is believed that having these basic IT skills will enable them to have the requirements for most forms of contemporary employment. In addition, these basic skills are needed to create résumés, maintain personal financial records and conduct online searches for job opportunities.

  K1 Britannia Foundation thanked all involved at Philipsburg Jubilee Library and Media Lab such as Francine Housen and all instructors for taking the time and concern to share their knowledge and expertise with the teenagers.

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Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/65715-teenagers-in-k1-britannia-work-programme-complete-workshops