Telegraaf “uncovers” Hachchi on front page

THE HAGUE–The Dutch Telegraaf newspaper blasted resigned Member of the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament Wassila Hachchi of the Democratic Party D66 on its front page Thursday morning with the headlines “Hachchi uncovered” and “Distributing flyers for 6.800 Euros.”       

  The newspaper article starts off with: “The career of Wassila Hachchi in the Hillary Clinton team doesn’t go further than distributing flyers on a voluntary basis. Her desperate search for a paid job in the campaign team is futile.”

  Hachchi, a former member of the Second Chamber’s permanent committee for Kingdom Relations and an avid defender of the Dutch Caribbean islands, abruptly left Parliament a month ago to work for Clinton’s campaign team without having the assurance of a paid contract.

  According to the Telegraaf, Hachchi has not achieved the expectations created by her, and she is “merely” working as a volunteer. The newspaper cited an insider who reported that Hachchi was among the thousands of volunteers who distributing flyers in New Hampshire earlier this month, the state where Bernie Sanders won the preliminaries.   

  The Telegraaf stated that Hachchi is not being involved at all in the setting up of new strategies at the Clinton headquarters in Brooklyn to muster more support for the presidential campaign candidate.

  In the meantime, Hachchi makes use of the reduced pay (“wachtgeld”) arrangement for retired Dutch politicians, which means that she receives a monthly amount of 6,800 Euros, which is 80 per cent of the salary that Members of the Second Chamber make.   

  The newspaper’s website also showed a short video in which Hachchi is being followed by a Telegraaf video journalist who asks her questions about her resignation and work at the Clinton campaign team. 

Source: The Daily Herald Telegraaf “uncovers” Hachchi on front page