TelEm Group CEO spot still ‘in limbo’

PHILIPSBURG–Government, as shareholder of TelEm Group of Companies, is in disagreement with the Corporate Governance Council (CGC) over the screening process of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) candidate picked by Government.

  CGC has requested additional documentation from Government, including the application of the second candidate put forward to the shareholder by TelEm’s Supervisory Board.

  The Daily Herald understands that the two candidates proposed to the shareholder for the CEO post are Brian Mingo and Kendall Dupersoy. Dupersoy was picked by the shareholder as the potential CEO and his name was forwarded to CGC for vetting. However, CGC wants to see the scorecards of the two candidates made by the selection committee, probably to verify whether all steps were followed in the selection process and that the profiling meets the selection criteria.

  Prime Minister William Marlin said on Wednesday that he did not understand why the Council was requesting the application from the other candidate, as Government already had put forward the one candidate.

  “We submitted one name. Therefore, the Council has to vet one name. Why are they asking for another candidate’s scores? We do not agree with this and my Cabinet will inform the Council of this. The Board (selection committee) suggested two candidates and we picked one person. That name was sent on to the Council for vetting,” said Marlin.

  The Board had interviewed about six candidates for the position and shortlisted it to four, then to two. The selection team comprised Jairo Bloem, Paul Marshall, Steven Constance and Christina Labega. Dupersoy is also a member of the Supervisory Board, but could not be in the committee because he had applied for the CEO position.

  The new CGC was installed in 2014. Matters pertaining to it have been established by law and among the Council’s most pressing issues are those related to the boards of Government-owned companies and their managing directors.

Source: Daily Herald
TelEm Group CEO spot still ‘in limbo’


  1. The CGC is doing it’s job and won’t be used as a rubber stamp like William wants to use it. Dupersoy is one of William’s henchmen and clearly handled with favoritism by the selection committee upon instructions by William himself. Nasty games.