TelEm honours veteran workers at Jubilee event

Veteran workers of the TelEm Group and company directors at Izi Restaurant on Friday.

SIMPSON BAY–The TelEm Group honoured a number of veteran workers during the company’s 2017 jubilee celebrations at Izi Restaurant on Friday. Collectively, this year’s celebrants clocked more than 475 years in service with the TelEm Group. They marked 20, 25 and 35 years with the company. Celebrating 20 years in service were Ernest Romeo, Frank Carty, Hilary Williams, Carmen Lake-Reyes, Glen Hazel, Cassius Richardson, Nadia Rombley, Rodney Washington, Donville Hodge, Percival Cocks, Edsel Martina, Melisca Fergus and Eldert Louisa. Celebrating 25 and 35 years were Cyrill Priest, Stanley Faneyte, Rosita Holaman-Gumbs, Windell Hughes, Donald Rogers, Carmita Brooks and Erundine van Heyningen.

  Long-time worker retiree Silvina Mathews was also celebrated. This year’s Jubilee celebration afforded management the opportunity to thank its employees for their work over many years in a special gathering of colleagues, friends and family.

  Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Helma Etnel: “I want to thank you all, but I also want to thank your families because they have also allowed you to give up most of your time in the company of your colleagues and in the service of TelEm Group where you have actually spent so much of your life.”

  Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kendall Dupersoy congratulated everyone on behalf of management and personnel and afterwards sought out each celebrant to shake their hand and wish them well.

  The TelEm Group CEO referred to the company as having a “family type” atmosphere where workers are very welcoming to new staff and new technology because of the contribution of its veterans who set the tone for continued development in the company by preparing younger workers in a very positive way.

  “You all deserve this moment of recognition and thanks from management and your colleagues and especially from me,” Dupersoy said.

Source: The Daily Herald