TelEm staffers inducted into Telecom Toastmasters Club

The TelEm staffers, including CEO Kendall Dupersoy, who were inducted.

POND  ISLAND–Eighteen staffers at the TelEm Group were inducted into the newly formed Telecom Corporation Toastmasters Club during an induction and chartering ceremony held at the company’s main building on Pond Island on Tuesday evening. The workers, which included TelEm Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kendall Dupersoy, were inducted into the ranks of the leadership training and public speaking organisation with a world-wide reach, becoming the third corporate group in St. Maarten to have its own Toastmasters Club. In a short presentation during the event, Dupersoy touched on his professional and academic growth and his propensity for being outspoken even from an early age. “This is an opportunity not to be missed,” the CEO said.

  Present to witness the proceedings and to officiate in the induction ceremony was Immediate Past District Director of District 81 of Toastmasters, under which the Telecom Corporate Toastmasters Club falls, Sherry-ann Batson. Several Toastmaster officials from both sides of the island including Immediate Past Division Director Kathia Magdeleine, present Division Director Brenda Maynard and Area Director Sanjana Manek also attended the ceremony.

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  Batson, who has more than 25 years of service and numerous levels of responsibility within the organisation over those years was visiting from Barbados and personally congratulated each new Toastmaster after they had been pinned by other Toastmasters officials attending the ceremony.

  Batson was especially thankful to former Area 30 Director Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), Elroy Hughes, for spearheading the Telecom Corporate Toastmasters Club Charter. She praised Dupersoy for his membership and for his endorsement at the start of the evening’s proceedings. “This is a very important occasion both for these new members and for this brand new club. You have come to Toastmasters seeking to improve your communication and leadership skills and you now have the opportunity to learn and grow and achieve,” said the District 81 Toastmaster.

  Newly inducted Telecom Corporate Toastmasters Club President Nina Diaz congratulated the new Corporate inductees and especially thanked her visiting Toastmasters colleagues and officials. “We very much appreciate the effort made by DTM Batson in sharing this moment with us. We will certainly be taking up her suggestion to seek out the experience of our fellow Toastmaster colleagues and clubs on the island and in the region to help with our own development,” Diaz said.

  Regular meetings of the Club will be held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at TelEm Group.

Source: The Daily Herald