TelEm warns against PBX hackers in new brochure

POND ISLAND–The TelEm Group has re-released a new public service brochure warning businesses to be on their guard against “unscrupulous hackers” who are breaking into company PBX systems and globally running up millions of dollars in international phone calls without the businesses becoming aware until they receive a bill weeks later.

TelEm Group said in a press release on Thursday that the hackers are constantly scanning for PBX systems all over the world using hardware and software with automated scanning routines that operate 24/7.

Once a system is found and penetrated, the hackers and users “mine” the information from the found PBX system to re-sell to third parties, or use the PBX equipment itself to make international calls or allow others to make international calls.

The hacking and fraud that is being committed goes unnoticed, sometimes for many weeks, until the PBX owner receives a bill at the end of the month and discovers that bill to be extraordinarily high.

TelEm said it hopes that with the re-issuing of its “Protect Yourself” brochure and also by inviting businesses in to talk about the problem, those who use PBX systems will be more aware of the threats posed to their PBX equipment and how best to protect themselves against the fraudsters and hackers.

The brochure is called “Protect Yourself from PBX Fraud” and has already been sent to businesses in the past. It outlines the problem of PBX fraud and how that fraud is being committed by hackers. The brochure offers advice on the best practices that businesses can follow to protect themselves and seeks to further assist business owners with a Frequently Asked Questions and Answers section.

“We are very keen to remind our business customers of the need to protect their businesses from PBX fraud by making themselves and their personnel aware of the dangers out there and some of the simple steps they can take to protect themselves,” said TelEm Group, Manager of Marketing and Sales Grisha Marten.

She said awareness and protection is especially important for the business owner because once fraud is committed, it is the business itself that is liable for any bills incurred from the fraud, because it is the owner’s own responsibility to secure their PBX equipment from such fraud and not TelEm’s responsibility.

“The brochure is packed with useful information that anyone can use, but businesses that are still concerned can call tel. 546-0100 to make an appointment to talk about that concern or they can use the same number to just get further information,” Marten said.

Source: The Daily Herald