Tenant suspected of breaking into jewellery store through wall | THE DAILY HERALD

Stegarescu Vlad George

PHILIPSBURG–A man living in an upstairs apartment near the “Jewel of Love” jewellery store at Front Street #69 is suspected of making an opening from his apartment to a leather store below him, then making an opening in the wall of the leather store to enter the jewellery establishment located next door and stealing a “large quantity” of jewellery.

The burglary occurred during the night of Saturday, August 18, and the morning of Sunday, August 19.

Police spokesperson Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson said in a press release on Sunday that investigators realised that the culprit(s) had gained access through the concrete floor of an apartment on the upper floor of the building which led to a store called “Leather World” located below. Once in the leather store the culprit(s) gained access to the jewellery store by making an opening in the wall. Once in the jewellery store the culprit(s) stole a large quantity of jewellery and then fled the scene the same way they came in.

The occupant of the apartment from where access to the jewellery store was gained has since vacated his apartment. He has been identified as Stegarescu Vlad George and is the main suspect in the investigation, according to Henson.

Detectives urges anyone who may have information that can lead to the suspect’s arrest to immediately get in contact with the police by calling tel. 542-2222 ext. 215 or 216, the police’s anonymous tip line 9300, or 911.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/79724-tenant-suspected-of-breaking-into-jewellery-store-through-wall