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Ramon Chong

WILLEMSTAD–Tension is rising within incoming Curaçao coalition party PNP. During a press conference last Thursday, an exasperated candidate minister Ramon Chong replied to media questions that his party colleagues Gwendel Mercelina and Sheldry Osepa “are not real members of PNP”.

  Mercelina and Osepa have been in the party for several months and are now Members of Parliament (MPs). Both have been critical in social media in recent days about the commotion surrounding the candidacy of Chong and governing partner MFK’s Eduard Braam (see related story).

  According to Mercelina on Facebook, Braam meanwhile showed his greatness by withdrawing his candidacy as minister of justice. Osepa wrote after Chong’s press conference that it is time to think about the people of the island.

  Chong has no intention of withdrawing his candidacy. As far as he is concerned, all allegations against him are false.

  But when a reporter of Dutch news site NU.cw arrived at Chong’s press conference he was quickly shown the door, perhaps because he used to work at CBA Television and therefore might have wanted to shed a different light on Chong’s role in its demise recently brought up by former employees. The reporter did not allow himself to be silenced and stayed in the room.

  Chong said he did not own CBA Television but had merely been an advisor dealing with a crisis at the broadcast company. “And no one put much effort into that as I have,” he added.

  According to Chong, the waiting is now for the screening process for prospective cabinet members. But according to several lawyers asked for advice, he should not have to worry.

  Chong does not know yet what he will do if the outcome turns out to be different. He did indicate that he might take his case to court.

  PNP’s board called a meeting to discuss the matter.

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