The artists at work. Children’s Rights’ murals get painted at Sandy Road

From left: Amyaris Tolentino, her sister Chantal and father Franklin Tolentino posing before the completed mural at Sandy Road.


ST. EUSTATIUS–The painting of the winning designs for Child Right murals on a wall alongside Sandy Road commenced Wednesday.

The mural painting was due to start last week Monday, but due to miscommunication, Sandy Road was not blocked for the safety of the painters.

There were many persons present to paint the winning mural designs on the wall. Besides the winners of the design contest and their families, several teachers and students, as well as a few volunteers were painting the winning designs on the wall.

Senior Advisor for Child Protection of United Nations Educational, Cultural and Educational Organisation UNICEF and Director of New Challenges Foundation Francine Foe were also present.

Second place winner Amyaris Tolentino was assisted by her father Franklin Tolentino and her sister Chantal in helping to paint her winning design on the wall.

Source: The Daily Herald