‘The Chocolate Nutcracker’ delights from start to finish | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–During the past two weekends the stage at Philipsburg Cultural Centre came alive with the feelgood and eclectic holiday performance of “The Chocolate Nutcracker Returns” by Indisu Dance Theatre of St. Maarten.

  The musical is an urban version of the original Nutcracker ballet and is a more modern and colourful take on the traditional holiday classic. It tells the story of young Clara (Drake Daboul) who is gifted a chocolate nutcracker and is excited to receive dolls from all the countries her aunt visited on her last adventure.

  Once asleep, Clara is visited again by a dream princess (Indisu co-director Ihndhira Richardson-Marlin) who awakens Clara and her dolls and takes her on a journey to the countries they are from in search of her beloved dream prince, the Chocolate Nutcracker (Giovanni Webster).

  A total of 72 dancers, ages five to 38 years old, performed in the four shows of December 1 and 2 and December 8 and 9. Performers included Indisu teachers Natorii Illidge, Naomi Adriana, Kishana Vlaun and Senior Company Members Rochelle Muller and Webster.

  All dancers were Indisu company members, including the dance school’s Baby, Junior and Junior Elite Companies, Company Chorus. They worked very hard for the past three months in bringing this Christmas-holiday production on stage.

  The show featured many genres and styles of dance, originating from different countries around the world as Indisu’s talented queens led the audience through a journey across the globe, featuring dances from all the lands visited, which included France, India, China and Nigeria, but also Cuba, the United States, and last but not least, Trinidad and Tobago.

  The enthusiastic and talented dancers presented a dazzling show, much to the delight of the crowd.

  The beautiful costumes made by Rita Roman and the light and sound by Kenrick La Touche also contributed to making this  production “one of our best yet,” as Indisu Director Susha Hien said Sunday. She did not exaggerate; it was most likely the dance school’s best show ever. Hopefully, Indisu will be planning some encore performances to accommodate those who have missed the past four shows.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/83455-the-chocolate-nutcracker-delights-from-start-to-finish