The Cliff in Cupecoy to re-open in Spring 2019 | THE DAILY HERALD

CUPECOY–Repair works to The Cliff at Cupecoy Beach are halfway through completion and the property is aiming to reopen in Spring 2019. The property was damaged during the passing of Hurricanes Irma and Maria in September 2017.

  A new Home Owners Association (HOA) Board of Directors was elected on December 1, 2017, and immediately took over negotiations with NAGICO Insurances’ loss adjusters, board Carmen Watson said on Tuesday. The repair works began in June 2018 with a team of project managers, IXI and Geo Design and after a thorough examination by a structural engineer declared the building “did not move” during the hurricanes and is structurally sound.

  “They also reaffirmed that the majority of the damage was caused by debris from surrounding buildings that affected the North (street) side of the building. The South side of the building was practically intact and, in fact, this solid structure did very well during the most powerful hurricane to strike the island of St. Maarten,” Watson said. The repair works are expected to be completed by April 15, 2019.

  The reopening of The Cliff is very welcome news for St. Maarten, Watson said. “The Cliff at Cupecoy Beach is an iconic building that represents the beauty and luxury of a Caribbean lifestyle. The HOA Board of Directors and the owners of The Cliff are very ambitious to increase this standard of luxury living with its two pools, fitness centre, professional tennis court, spa and a gourmet restaurant with the most magnificent and infinite views of the Caribbean Sea, the sunset and surrounding islands.”

  The insurance settlement with NAGICO is still in progress, but the Cliff HOA Board of Directors is encouraged by NAGICO’s positive response to the reparation funding claims. This is due to the integrity, professionalism and transparency of the repair works file that took months to prepare.

  The Cliff at Cupecoy Beach is a very technical building of 12 floors and two levels of underground parking garages and, therefore, time is needed to complete the preparation of the repair works and their co-ordination, Watson noted.

  “It was impossible for the board to begin planning the reparation works without having a perfect scheduling of the contractors. Now, the recovery plans are going quickly and the board members, who are constantly on top of the decision-making, are exhausted but proud of the result. The Cliff at Cupecoy Beach will rise to its former level of beauty and high level of enjoyment for all to enjoy in their Caribbean lifestyle,” Watson said.

Source: The Daily Herald