The CTO has a new Chairman

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados–The Bahamas has been elected Chair of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO), with the election as Minister of Tourism Obie Wilchcombe.

The election took place yesterday in Barbados at the organisation’s annual general meeting during the State of the Tourism Industry Conference (SOTIC). Wilchcombe succeeds Barbados’s Minister of Tourism and International Transport Richard Sealy.

“I intend to build upon what [Sealy – Ed.] began and I also intend to build on the relationship with the private sector,” Wilchcombe said following the election.

“I’ve always thought that CTO is the body that provides equity and we can; and the way is to speak with the same voice. We also have to deal with the issue of inter-regional travel.”

Wilchcombe will serve a two-year term. This is his second stint as chairman, as he was previously elected to the position in 2002. ~ Caribbean360 ~

Source: Daily Herald
The CTO has a new Chairman