The Hague orders MP’s admittance | THE DAILY HERALD

WILLEMSTAD—The Kingdom Council of Ministers issued a General Measure of Governance allowing prospective PAR-faction member Emmilou Capriles to enter Curaçao’s Parliament, announced Dutch State Secretary of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Raymond Knops after Friday’s meeting in The Hague.

  According to Knops, democracy is knowingly being side-lined by a group of parliamentarians. "Legislation is awaiting to be handled, also regarding agreements for country packages (on financial assistance and accompanying requirements-Ed) that the Netherlands has made with Curaçao."

  He made it clear that until laws have been dealt with, liquidity support cannot be provided by the Netherlands. "It is anti-democratic what is happening here.

  Knops explained that the instruction is based on the lack of good governance in the Dutch Caribbean country. Capriles' credentials cannot be approved because the opposition is boycotting meetings by not helping to form a quorum now that the PAR/MAN coalition is temporarily left with only 10 of the remaining 20 seats in the 21-seat legislature, short of a majority.

  Since Jeser El Ayoubi's resignation, Capriles has been waiting for her credentials to be approved so that she can be sworn in. Capriles was next in line as number 11 on PAR’s election candidate list of 2017.

  For the tenth time Parliament could not meet on Thursday. Elected representatives were supposed to discuss issues surrounding the sale of the Curaçao House in The Hague with Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath.  Early December the General Audit Chamber had issued a report critical of former plenipotentiary Minister Marvelyne Wiels (PS) after investigating the sale of the property on Badhuisweg.

  Furthermore, interim Minister of Health, Environment and Nature GMN Zita Jesus-leito would have come to Parliament for an explanation on the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. Not only did this Capriles family member only got 27 (!) votes in the whole of Curaçao, but after El Ayoubi’s resignation, there were 4 people above her on the list, who all had much more votes than this Capriles lady. Maybe some pressure was necessary for them to refuse? That’s the way democrazy works.
    Furthermore, there were 17 people with more votes on that same list. Strange isn’t it?!
    The mechanisms of power work in mysterious ways.
    But who cares, it’s their show, the show of the colonial collaborators. And someday they regret participating and collaboration with the enemy.

  2. The best thing to do for all non-government parties is to boycott this entire parliament. Let the people know it is just a great farce! Everybody who colaborates with this Dutch system is partof that system.

  3. Colonial colonel cnops (CCC instead of KKK) declares the democracy restored.
    Now we all know what democracy means. Not the will of the people, etc., but the will of the few.

    Den Haag has introduced the Schetz-manillas again in a renewed triagular trade:
    The manillas of 2021 are the ‘Algemene Maatregelen van Bestuur’ by which Den Haag interferes. The trade the local government made for these slave oppressive measures was to agree with all proposals about financial restructuring.
    Whereas the local population can be put aside, as their opinions don’t matter anymore.
    You could also call it a closed system, the word democracy can no longer be useful.

  4. There are many incompetent politicians in Curaçao, and they’ve hatched even more incompetent government members. So this missy won’t be missed if she went back under the stone from which she came.

  5. Let’s have a bet, in no time she will be the next colored candidate for that d666 party.
    Disappointment in the Caribbean politics is the best drive for would-be deceivers-of-the-people.

  6. The fast way forwards, from junior policy advisor to MP, and then….?
    To make everything very clear: SHE COLLECTED 27 VOTES IN TOTAL!!
    Is this democracy? Then fuck off with it!

  7. In this game of chess, Knops has put his white horse towards the black queen.
    Now the parliament puppets may rethink and put a new move on the board.
    But, already prepared by his ministry with a plan, Knops is very eager to speak his studied final words:
    And that was the end of the country Curaçao within the Kingdom, and it will be divided in a few municipalities.

  8. This so-called democracy is so fragile that it has to be defended with the treat of violence.
    But what does that say about this word and where it says to stand for?
    Democrazy is always the right of exercising powers over every minority. And as over here do not live many people, the white supremacists in Den Haag are always ‘right’.

    Listen, please listen once! You will never win if you believe in the system of the colonial oppressor.
    And all who colaborate in this system, in these so-called lands parliaments, are part of the same system.

  9. The parliament of apprentices is playing a game, and so is the colonial colonel Knops. “Bad boys and girls, if you do not listen, you have to stand in the corner of the classroom for some time. And furthermore, you will not get any food today!”
    Look who’s talking,…., and about ‘democracy’….

    And Emmilou, snitching to the master, is jot done! Whatever your history or doings, you are now compromised with the colonial regime in Den Haag. Proost!