Theatre weekend | THE DAILY HERALD

What do you get when you take a mixed bag of professionals and toss them up with an equally mixed bag of weirdo Russian characters?

Theatre Albina Matuzko style. As her characters get ready to reveal themselves to audiences at the Community Centre on Back Street during Friday evening’s premiere, and even before the curtain goes up, the Ukrainian-born director has already achieved the difficult task of keeping a cast of 17 players together for a production in the most difficult of St. Maarten times. Getting them all together, considering their individual limitations on time, personal commitments, family considerations, et cetera, was one thing, but whipping them into shape for the upcoming Russian classic comedy “The Government Inspector” by Nicolai Gogol was a totally different matter. Tickets for the shows on Friday and Saturday at 8:00pm, and on Sunday at 4:00pm, are still available from cast members and from Matuzko.

Source: The Daily Herald