‘Think hard about future of Curaçao’

THE HAGUE–With the Curaçao elections at the front door, Member of the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament Ronald van Raak of the Socialist Party (SP) shed some light on the behaviour of some Curaçao politicians of the MFK and PS parties. He urged Curaçao voters to think hard what kind of future they want for their island.

  Titled “In Curaçao voters rather offer their vote for sale” and “The curious visit of Prime Minister Pisas to the prison,” Van Raak published an opinion article on the website ThePostOnline on Wednesday.   

  Van Raak stated that during his visit to the Curaçao prison, Gilmar Pisas allegedly promised inmates a reward of some 750 euros if they were to vote for the MFK party. He said that Pisas also intervened in the Curaçao Crime Fund, which contains confiscated money of convicted criminals. “He is said to have used this money for the MFK campaign. That fund contains millions of gambling sector criminals.”

  According to the Member of Parliament (MP), there are reports on the social media that people have lost confidence in politics, and that they rather sell their vote because then at least they get something in return.

  Van Raak warned that Curaçao faces a choice this Friday: remaining a democratic state of law or become a mafia state, where corrupt politicians and organised crime decide. If the latter becomes a fact, the Netherlands should distance itself from Curaçao.

  Van Raak also touched on the murder of PS Leader Helmin Wiels and the role that former politicians George Jamaloodin (MFK) and Elmer “Kadè” Wilsoe (PS), and lottery owner Robbie dos Santos may have played in the complot to kill Wiels in May 2013. “The Public Prosecution confirmed during a recent court case that Wiels apparently was murdered because he wanted to tackle criminal activities in the gambling sector.”

  The MP explained that it sounds like a bad B-quality movie when he tells people in the Netherlands about Curaçao politics and the elections. “It makes me wonder too when these people ask me why I worry about the islands so much. There is not much honour to be had in the Second Chamber with this portfolio.”

  Van Raak said while there were mafia-style criminals and multi-millionaires who used the islands to evade taxes and to launder their dirty money, there were also many good and honest people in Curaçao, who mainly hoped for a better life for their children and a brighter future for their island.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/65523-think-hard-about-future-of-curacao