Thousands splash at Bacchanal Sunday


Close to 8,000 persons filled Carnival Village on Sunday evening.

There were two pools placed in the village.

Dancers on stage on Sunday.



PHILIPSBURG–Kalaboom’s Bacchanal Sunday was indeed a bacchanal with nearly 8,000 persons filling Carnival Village to capacity and taking part in what is termed the Caribbean’s biggest wet fete this past Sunday.

The show/party was filled with local and international acts performing their hit songs on stage while popular disc jockeys entertained the crowd with their musical selection skills. Kalaboom Events has been organising the event for three years in a row and looks forward to next year’s event.

Two pools, six water trucks and a foam machine were just some of the instruments used to keep attendees wet during the evening. “The event continues to grow every year and we would like to thank the Carnival Foundation for giving us the opportunity to do something completely different in the village,” stated promoters on Sunday.

The planning for next year’s event has already started and the line-up will again include local and international artistes who will surprise Carnival-lovers. The Kalaboom team is preparing for its annual Splash Jouvert troupe. Those interested in purchasing a Splash Army kit can go to the Carnival Boutique to get one for US $25.

Source: The Daily Herald