Three Dominican Republic nationals jailed for 2014/15 armed robberies

MARIGOT–The Gendarmerie disclosed it recently solved a case dating back to the period between November 2014 and March 2015 when several violent armed robberies occurred.

Among victims were the Leader Price and Simply Supermarkets where in some instances staff were tied up as the thieves emptied the contents of the safe. The Gendarmerie noted this gang was particularly violent and had no hesitation in firing their weapons at Gendarmes as they sought to escape during a car chase.
After several months of long and complex investigations, three individuals from the Dominican Republic were identified as the main perpetrators. They were arrested and taken into custody at the end of May 2016. While in custody they admitted their participation in five armed robberies or robbery attempts.
They were presented before the Judge of Instruction in Guadeloupe on June 2, 2016, charged with a number of serious offences. Two were subsequently sent to prison in Baie Mahault and the third to the prison in Basse-Terre.
A more recent robbery solved concerned the seafood wholesaler business located at the rear of the Howell Center where an employee on his way to make a bank deposit was robbed at gunpoint of around US $ 30,000 and 2,800 euros on May 9, 2016.
The investigation identified two individuals well known to law enforcement that were arrested and taken into custody a month after the crime was committed. On June 15, 2016, in the court of Basse-Terre, the two accused were each sentenced to two years in prison.
The Gendarmerie noted the above reflects the diligent investigative work undertaken by detectives. Since the beginning of 2016, armed robberies and other violent crimes have dropped by 10 per cent. This has been attributed to an increased presence of Gendarmerie and Police patrols in all sectors of the French side.

Source: Daily Herald
Three Dominican Republic nationals jailed for 2014/15 armed robberies