Three hurricane shelters ready if needed, three more in preparation | THE DAILY HERALD

MARIGOT–The Collectivité indicated in a communiqué Friday afternoon that three hurricane shelters are ready for those people still living in tents or with tarpaulins on roofs, in case Hurricane Beryl affects our island.

The shelters are Ecole Clair Saint-Maximin in French Quarter, Hervé Williams school in Concordia, and Evelyna Halley school in Concordia. Three more shelters are being prepared just in case, President Gibbs said.

“The trajectory estimates of Beryl, a category-one hurricane located 1800km from the West Indies, indicates a passage between Martinique and Guadeloupe from Sunday evening, but it is still difficult to anticipate its trajectory and development,” the release states.
“The French weather service announces a rainy degradation and a strengthening of winds over the northern half of the Caribbean arc, without yet being able to specify the intensity of the phenomenon and the final trajectory.

“Therefore, the Collectivité invites the population to be prepared and informed. If a rain phenomenon directly affects our islands, the Collectivité will open three shelters for people living in tents or tarpaulins and allow them to get dry.”

The Collectivité notes that the cleaning of the ravines has started in Quartiers d’Orléans and will continue in the rest of the territory. In the event of heavy rain, the outlets will be open. In addition, the Collectivité has budgeted the sum of 5 million euros for the roofing of vulnerable people (the elderly, families with small children, and people with disabilities).

A precise list of these people has been drawn up by Pôle Solidarité et Familles of the Collectivité. Public contracts for the purchase of equipment and roofing have been awarded and the operation has already begun. Six Collectivité investigators are monitoring field operations to ensure that these roofs are covered as soon as possible. The Collectivité advises the population to stay informed of Beryl’s progress and prepare accordingly.

Source: The Daily Herald