Three injured in Baie Nettle as scooter collides with pick-up | THE DAILY HERALD

Accident scene outside Cadisco Market, Baie Nettle, on Sunday evening.


MARIGOT–Three persons were injured during an accident Sunday evening outside the Cadisco Market in Baie Nettle.

  According to the preliminary information, a scooter with two persons on board and a white pick-up truck travelling in opposite directions collided with each other for unknown reasons, opposite the Cadisco Market, about 6:00pm.

  Captain Thierry Verres of the Gendarmerie indicated the injuries to the scooter riders and pick-up driver were not life-threatening. Neither of the scooter riders was wearing a crash helmet.

  The Fire Brigade (“pompiers”) and emergency physicians from Service Mobile d’Urgence et Réanimation (SMUR) were on the scene to tend to the victims. The accident blocked the road for over an hour. A narrow space at the side of the road allowed some cars to pass.

  Many young people without helmets were joyriding on scooters, performing wheelies, up and down in Sandy Ground, even while their friends were being treated by emergency services further down the road.

Source: The Daily Herald