Three men rob Divinitti Jewelers, one arrested

PHILIPSBURG–Police are investigating another armed robbery, this time it was Divinitti Jewelers on Front Street which was targeted by three men who stormed inside the business at approximately 11:30am.

The men wasted no time and went straight for the display cases, smashing them open with a heavy object. They filled their bags with jewellery and ran out of the store. Police were alerted of the situation and rushed to the location, according to witnesses the robbers were on foot.

Police spotted one of the robbers in Groen Steeg between Back Street and Cannegieter Street close to Kennedy Photo Studio fired several warning shots. One of the three robbers was cornered by officers while the two other men managed to outrun police.

Police spokesman Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson appealed to anyone who saw any of the men in their area to call the police department at 542-2222 or 911. None of the men were shot during the foot chase by police.

Source: The Daily Herald