Three postulate for Bus Drivers board

Candidates Claude Omeus, Leonard Hughes and Samuel Richardson, with current president Alexis Williams.

PHILIPSBURG–Dutch St. Maarten United Bus Drivers Association members met last week to discuss the board elections set for April 3. Samuel Richardson (Bus 57), Leonard Hughes (Bus 11) and Claude Omeus (Bus 12) spoke at the meeting and nominated themselves to be the next president of the association.

Elections for the Association’s new board will take place at Philipsburg Jubilee Library on April 3 from 2:00 to 5:00pm. The election will see the change of the Association’s entire board.

Candidate for secretary is Daniel J.

Dorane G. and Charles W. are candidates for the position of Treasurer.

Current President Alexis Williams will not be seeking re-election due to many issues that plagued him during his term. His focus right now is making sure that all bus drivers comply with the laws such as placing tariffs flyers in locations visible to bus clients stating “pay as you enter.”

Richardson spoke about the experience he has to offer to the Association and wants to sit down with Government to discuss developments in bus transportation. “You need a representative that is not afraid to talk about issues and do something about it. Elect me and you will not be sorry. I will bring a voice to the Association and drivers will get the respect they rightfully deserve,” Richardson said during the meeting.

Hughes said in his address to the drivers that they needed better representation and he was the man to give them that. He is no stranger to the Association and would like the opportunity to work toward fixing the many issues bus drivers have.

Several bus drivers posed queries to the candidates during the meeting and all candidates had the opportunity to answer questions.

Omeus took a different approach in his address. He said he wanted to include assistant drivers in the Association because they were on the road on a daily basis while owners of the permits were at home relaxing.

“I want to unite everybody. These other candidates had their chance already and I am new blood. I don’t talk much, but you can expect action from me. We also need to regulate this problem that some drivers can go French side and some can’t. I will address this problem if I am elected as your next president,” Omeus said.

Outgoing president Williams said he would stay on as advisor if requested by the general membership and incoming board.

There are 300 bus drivers eligible to vote in the upcoming elections. Williams hopes that with this election bus drivers can be unified and have one voice. “There is no control and every time we get promises from Government they either change or they don’t do anything about the changes. We as a board had plans for the industry, but cooperation between all bus drivers is lacking,” he said

Source: The Daily Herald Three postulate for Bus Drivers board