Three supermarkets robbed at gunpoint | THE DAILY HERALD

MARIGOT—The Gendarmerie confirmed on Monday that three small supermarkets were robbed on the French side over the weekend.

  The first victim was a supermarket in Concordia robbed on Saturday before two more Chinese-run supermarkets were targeted in St. James on Sunday.

  The General Supermarket on Rue de St. James at the junction with Rue Kennedy was robbed at gunpoint on Sunday afternoon. The owner indicated mixed currency amounting to around US$500 was stolen, along with mobile phones, ID cards and other documents.  This supermarket had just changed ownership two months ago.

  The robbers then proceeded along Rue Lowtown to Golden Treasure Supermarket where mixed currency amounting to about $US 400 was stolen. The owner indicated one of the masked robbers jumped over the counter holding the cashier at gunpoint before stealing the money and two mobile phones.

  Capitaine Arnaud Gerard indicated the method appeared to be the same for all three robberies, two armed masked individuals riding a T-Max scooter. There were no injuries inflicted on any of the victims.

  The Gendarmerie is investigating the robberies. 


Source: The Daily Herald