Timeshare OPCs continue to harass tourists in Oyster Pond | THE DAILY HERALD

OPCs working in Oyster Pond.


MARIGOT–Oyster Pond residents have complained again about so-called off-premises consultants (OPCs) working on behalf of timeshare resorts in Oyster Pond.

  Residents say that despite all the Oyster Pond residents’ complaints, articles in newspapers and complaints to the Préfecture and Gendarmerie, the illegal timeshare OPC operations on the public road and private parking lots in Oyster Pond continue. OPCs have also been seen working in Marigot, Orient Bay and other areas.

  “Every day these OPCs are still stopping cars and doing their illegal lottery cirque,” complained one resident from the homeowners’ association. “This week four mega yacht crew complained they had been stopped several times during an island tour with a rental car. And today, Tuesday, one of the OPC guys even threatened a house owner in Oyster Pond because he was taking pictures of the illegal practice.

  “They are trying to sell timeshare for Dutch-side resorts and they are chased away for illegal practice on the Dutch side. Yet, this is also completely illegal on the French side too. When will the French-side authorities stop this madness?”

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/92609-timeshare-opcs-continue-to-harass-tourists-in-oyster-pond