Tint removed from 71 vehicles, fines soon

A scene at the traffic control near Belvedere.

PHILIPSBURG–Persons with tint on their vehicles beyond the legal limit will soon be fined instead of receiving a warning.

  Police spokesperson Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson said in a press release on Thursday that currently drivers with illegally tinted windows are given a warning and sent on their way.

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  However, “During the upcoming traffic controls police will be intensifying the controls by issuing fines to those drivers who are in violation of this law,” Henson said. “Making sure that this traffic law is upheld contributes to the safety of the community.”

  He said police have been conducting traffic controls at different locations in the country on a daily basis. A total of 80 vehicles were stopped during one of these controls on Wednesday, December 13. Of these, a total of 71 had to have illegal tint removed from the driver- and front-passenger-side windows. All drivers were warned of this traffic violation.

  Four fines were issued to drivers for other traffic violations and one scooter was towed. 

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/71900-tint-removed-from-71-vehicles-fines-soon