Top US military pilots to open aviation meet up

AIRPORT–Two elite pilots will make a joined keynote presentation titled “Leadership in Aviation” and share their vision for the development of professional small-aircraft commercial operations at the welcome reception of the Caribbean Aviation Meetup conference to be held here June 13-15.

  Major Scott S. Petz was the Advance Pilot/Narrator for the U.S. Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron “The Thunderbirds.”


  Petz was better known by his flight crew as “Cheetah” and he flew the No. 8 jet. Major Petz has logged more than 1,800 flight hours as an Air Force pilot; more than 208 of those were combat hours in the F-16 Fighter Jet. As Advance Pilot, his duties included advancing to show sites ahead of the team, coordinating logistical details with the local show organizers and narrating to the crowd during performances.

  Lieutenant-Commander Robert Ceravolo is a US Navy, US Fighter Pilot and Adversary Instructor with 10 years of active duty; Rob was awarded two Air Medals for missions flying the F-14 Tomcat in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

  After two aircraft carrier deployments and a transition to the F-18E Super Hornet, Rob transferred to shore duty to become an Adversary Instructor in the F-5N in Key West, Florida. While still on active duty, Rob attended the Navy’s prestigious TOPGUN Fighter Weapons School Adversary course, returning to his squadron as an air combat instructor.

  They will both talk about their experiences, especially the culture and training and how it is shaping their desire to impact civilian aviation. They feel that with the current need for reliable airlift throughout the Caribbean, combined with a global pilot shortage, the industry needs to focus on development of professional training programmes to supply the growing industry with professionals.

Source: The Daily Herald