Tourist arrivals increased in Sept. for first time this year   | THE DAILY HERALD

Tourist Arrivals to Anguilla 1993-2018.

 ANGUILLA–Visitor arrivals to Anguilla for the month of September experienced its first increase, year to date since the passage of hurricane Irma in September 2017. Visitor arrivals registered an increase of 423.7 per cent (3,420) from the 653 arrivals who visited in September 2017. Most visitor arrivals (90.8 per cent) to Anguilla during September came with the intention of vacationing, while 9.2 per cent came with the intention of doing business.

Passenger arrivals, including both visitors and residents, increased over the September 2017 figure of 2,045 to 10,248 arrivals during September 2018. Most passengers arrived by sea with over 95 per cent arriving at Blowing Point.

Stayover tourists for September totalled 1,812. The total number of tourists for September is recorded as the third highest figure for the month of September, when data as far back as 1993 was examined. The highest number of tourists in September was registered in 2006 with 2,196 tourists followed by 1,889 tourists in 2007. The lowest number of tourist arrivals was experienced in 2017 with 602 arrivals, followed by 787 and 825 tourists in 2002 and 1995 respectively.

Positive changes occurred in nine of the 10 markets. The highest increase was in the French West Indies market, where 236 tourists came this month compared to 15 in September 2017. The Canadian and the French West Indies markets showed increases of 800 per cent and 569 per cent respectively over their comparative 2017 figures. Anguilla’s main source market for tourists, the United States (US), held a 25.8 per cent share of the tourist market in September, with the Caribbean source market holding a 21.5 per cent share.

Excursionist arrivals for the month under review totalled 1,608 arrivals, an increase of 432.5 per cent over the 2017 figure of 302. Most excursionists to Anguilla are usually tourists staying in St. Maarten/St. Martin who decide to spend the day in Anguilla. Since tourist arrivals are down in St. Maarten/St. Martin this may be a factor influencing excursionist arrivals here.

Source: The Daily Herald