Town Promo Board wants ‘city manager’

PHILIPSBURG–A city manager is needed for the Dutch side’s capital, said the Philipsburg Promotion Board, which has already begun to draft a job description for the post. It plans to present the description to Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure VROMI Christophe Emmanuel soon with the hope that Government will hire someone in the near future.

The appointment was raised with Infrastructure VROMI Minister Emmanuel in a recent meeting and he has confirmed such an appointment is “ideally on his ministry’s agenda,” according to the Board.

“Philipsburg has been neglected for a very long time, in terms of infrastructure, safety and economic stimulation. With the current image of Philipsburg, most stay over tourists who have a high spending habit, are not encouraged by their concierge services to frequent our capital as a preferred place for shopping and entertainment,” said Promotional Board President Valentin Davis.

Board Safety and Security Task Force Director Alexander Maynard said such a city manager would focus on infrastructure upkeep, street cleanliness, garbage management, implement proposed beautification and enhancement projects, manage parking and accessibility throughout town, as well as dialogue with businesses on how to maintain a stimulated and vibrant city life for downtown residents and those doing business in Philipsburg and security for those shopping and socializing in town.

The Board strongly believes that with an efficient city manager, Philipsburg’s image could be greatly improved for the benefit of growing the daytime economy of the capital and regenerating the night-time economy down town, which is sure to enhance hotels’ occupancy and casinos’ turnover in the capital.

Source: The Daily Herald