TPI organises Team-Building Retreats for Airport workers


Airport Operations officials after the two-day retreat.

AIRPORT–The Operations Department of Princess Juliana International Airport SXM held two Team-Building Retreats facilitated by Training Professionals International Firm, (TPI) on June 6 and August 8. The Retreats were facilitated by TPI President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nathasha Gittens, who led team one consisting of the Manager of Operations and Supervisors, and team two consisting of 13 Operations coordinators. The Retreats’ primary goals were to introduce modern-day team exercises, team-building principles and techniques and effective team-building simulations in an employee-focused course format that provided participants with an opportunity to self-evaluate and adopt higher performance standards and practices.

  The Team-Building course is globally accredited and the curriculum is approved by an academic governing body in the United Kingdom. The Team-Building Retreats facilitated by TPI are held off-site in environments that foster positive exchange and effective team bonding.


  The Retreats place heavy emphasis on the keys to working well together, encourage teams to celebrate past and current successes and to set new goals that support departmental high performance while simultaneously encouraging employees to become role models of high performance standards within their organisations.

  Participants left the Team-Building Retreats with renewed energy, a desire to improve their working relationships with one another and to go back to their organisations exemplifying their team synergy. The Retreat results were impressive and the Airport Operations Team had much to say about their experience.

  Airport Operations Manager Emile Levon said, “The importance of the Team-Building Retreat was to bring openness and accountability to our team. It allowed my team members, including myself, to slow down and really think about our individual actions and how it affects the overall team. What I learned is when you slow down and listen to your fellow team-members you gain a better understanding on how to perform at a higher level and coexist in unity, but most importantly respect each other.”

  Operations Coordinator Mukesh Ambani elaborated on the Retreat, “At the end of the day my colleagues and I have determined that we hold the key to enhancing the existing team efforts in Operations and have recommitted to taking the Airport Operations to a higher level of excellence.”

  Gittens said in a TPI press statement on Monday, “PJIAE [the Airport operating company – Ed.] is a leading organisation, in my opinion, that understands the importance of team revitalization. Michel Hyman, CEO, was instrumental in scheduling the Retreats. His vision will continue to accentuate the importance of team synergy, customer relations and professional development currently and in years to come.

  “The Human Resource Department must also be recognised for supporting these types of professional development opportunities that build teams within their organisation where individuals can see how important they are within their department and within PJIAE overall.

  “The PJIAE leadership understands that good teams equals engaged employees who in turn produce at high performance levels.”

Source: The Daily Herald