Training project for Saba, Statia school management | THE DAILY HERALD

Course participants showing their certificates with, in back row from left, Brian Carty, Jarmilia Berkel, Deborah Norville-Hinckson, Irene Ortega, Vanessa Bennett, Rhea Courtar and Evert Meijer. In front row, from left, Diane Wilson, facilitator Natasha Gittens, Cheryl Seaton, Jacinta Lopes, Laverne David-Duggins, Rosalie Edelstein and Angel Tromp.


SABA/ST. EUSTATIUS–School principals, vice-principals and management team members in Saba and St. Eustatius have completed a training project for school management and were awarded certifications in management, leadership and coaching for high performance.

The course was facilitated by Natasha Gittens of Training Professionals International (TPI).

The Primary Education Council PO-Raad initiated the project “Coaches in the Caribbean Netherlands” at the request of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in The Hague.

The PO-Raad, who represents the joint interests of school boards in both the European and Caribbean parts of The Netherlands, has partnered with TPI for this project. The aim of this partnership is to provide coaching for school principals and vice-principals and potential management team members in Statia and Saba.

“This course will significantly change and improve the dynamics of how our schools in the Caribbean Netherlands are operated and managed,” states Gittens.

Source: The Daily Herald