Trash in runoffs | THE DAILY HERALD

Garbage-clogged trenches are now a common sight around St. Maarten much to the chagrin of residents.

The rubbish-lined roadside and ditches were recently remarked on by visiting Dutch Member of Parliament Alexander Pechtold who urged the country to clean up its act physically. Residents and businesses have also been called upon by the Ministers of Tourism, and Environment to take pride in their surroundings. However, some residents have retorted: “What about government’s role in keeping public areas clean.” In photo: The garbage choked canal between the Government Administration Building and the road to TelEm Group of Companies.

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. What about the role of the residents to place their garbage in proper receptacles and not all over the land where it can get carried by run off into the trenches. Common People, lets consider the source of our ails and do something serious about that!