Tricia Halley wins $130,000 in Pick 4

PHILIPSBURG–Tricia Halley is the latest Pick Four winner after having won US $130,000 in the Caribbean Lottery game.

The 21-year-old winner purchased Pick 4 tickets at Island Seafood and Texaco Welfare Road with the numbers 9107 for the Monday, June 12, drawing. She was quoted as saying in a press release issued by Caribbean Lottery on Monday that had it not been for her acting on numbers revealed to her, she would not have been US $130,000 wealthier today.

After claiming her cash prize at Caribbean Lottery’s office Halley said: “The numbers came to me in a dream.”

Halley added that she was “excited and nervous” at the same time about her victory after playing the game daily for three years. She previously won US $12,000 in another Pick 4 game. “I picked this game because it is easy to win. This win will allow me to do so many wonderful things,” she said.

Halley said she is also a dedicated player of Super Lotto. Her advice to other players is, “Keep on playing. You never know when your time will come.”

Country Manager for The Caribbean Lottery in St. Maarten Paula Williams, said: “We are thrilled to hand over the cash prize of US $130,000 to Ms. Tricia Halley. It’s a pleasure for us to know that she is a regular player of the Caribbean Lottery games and has been able to win a substantial amount from our Pick 4 game. Our players have the chance to win from a myriad of games including: Super Lotto, Lucky Pick, Pick 3 and a variety of Instant Scratch Games. We are certainly looking forward to our next big winner.”

Source: The Daily Herald