Trinity Christina is crowned 2016 Junior Carnival Queen

PHILIPSBURG–Queen show fever has begun and Posh Productions rolled out its first pageant on Sunday, when Trinity Christina won a majority of the coveted sashes during the six-hour Junior Queen show.

Anaya Richardson was first runner-up and Bri-anna Gumbs second runner-up.

The young ladies were all impressive in their introduction dance and speeches,

Richardson spoke about attending Dr. Martin Luther King Primary School and what could be expected from her for the show.

Shortest contestant Bri-Anna Gumbs started off her introduction speech by saying, “Do not let the small body fool you,” causing a number of cheers from the supportive crowd.

Trinity came out with a bright smile that captured the judges immediately. She was the only contestant who said what she aspired to be – a police officer. She said she wanted to serve the community the best way possible.

Dance Theatre members performed their recent musical “Aladdin” between segments of the show. Gina Bruney hosted the show.

The costume segment was the second segment of the night and Trinity came out in a roaring colourful costume. At one moment during her presentation, a piece of the costume fell off while she was dancing. Judges looked closer and the piece expanded like an explosion. This impressed judges and she was awarded best costume piece in the show.

Bri-Anna fell ill for a brief moment during the show and could not perform after Trinity in the costume segment. The host came out and told the audience that she felt ill and had to drop out of the competition.

The segment continued with Anaya Richardson coming on in her yellow butterflycostume.

The host came back out after Richardson’s performance and said Bri-Anna would try to continue her participation in the show. The audience was pleased and cheered on the youngster as she performed.

The talent segment was filled with the young ladies’ singing talents. Rain almost took about an hour from the show, prolonging it, but the ladies came out in stunning dresses in the Princess Wear segment, which was followed by the Interview segment.

The judges did not take much time to deliberate, as the winner of the show was clear and Christina was crowned Junior Carnival Queen 2016.

Posh Productions refused to release the official tally of points to The Daily Heraldwhen the show ended. No reason was given as to why the final results could not be released. Posh Productions continues tonight, Monday, with the Teen Queen Pageant at Carnival Village. The show will start at 8:00pm.

Source: Daily Herald Trinity Christina is crowned 2016 Junior Carnival Queen