Tropicalife launches Carnival troupe for children and teens

Tropicalife Zebra section. (Andrew Dick photo)

PHILIPSBURG–Catering to youngsters, Tropicalife launched its five-section Carnival troupe at the Philipsburg Cultural Centre on Saturday. The troupe plans to take part in the 2017 Carnival parade in April and parents flocked to the event to see what the group had to offer.


Children’s Leopard section.


  The theme for this year’s troupe is “Madagascar Escape.” Creative costumes were shown off by the group and parents registered their children on the spot.

Children ages 3-10 may sign up.



  Troupe organiser Sade Hodge said, “The frontlines leopard costumes and the mega-frontlines are currently sold out until further notice. There’s still a frontlines zebra – four sections – and three teen sections available.”

Another Leopard design.


  The mas camp opens this Wednesday and will be located at Tropical Hair salon upstairs Carl and Son in Philipsburg. Persons interested in signing up may also contact Hodge at tel. 524-9029.

This Lion-head section was most requested by parents for their boys. (Andrew Dick photo)

Source: The Daily Herald