Twelve-year demand for alleged gas station stabber

Delta Petroleum gas station owner Roy Marlin, his son Quinton, and a paramedic assisting Alejandro Hodge before he died of his stab wounds September 1, 2016. (File photo)


PHILIPSBURG–The Prosecutor’s Office on Wednesday demanded a twelve-year prison sentence against the man held responsible for the violent death of Alejandro “Ali” Hodge, who was stabbed to death on September 1, 2016, near the Delta Petroleum gas station in Dutch Quarter.   Suspect R.B. (24) denied the allegations. He will learn his fate on June 21, when the Court will present its decision in this case.

  Hodge, a resident of Dutch Quarter, fell victim to what appeared to have been a heated argument with the suspect, which had escalated into a fight. During the fight the suspect used a knife. The weapon was found next to the victim, who fell into a ditch. After committing this crime the suspect fled the scene into the direction of Nazareth.

  The Police immediately closed off the area for the Forensic Team to collect evidence, while detectives interviewed witnesses.

  Paramedics on the scene attempted to save Hodge’s life, but he died due to the wounds he had sustained.

  Police investigations, among which were the statements of witnesses, led to R.B.’s arrest several hours later.

  The suspect, nicknamed “Biggy,” denies the allegations. He said he had been cleaning the yard of a house nearby and denied he had been in an argument with Hodge.

  Witnesses, however, informed the Police that R.B., who is a twin, had asked Hodge for a dollar to buy lunch. Hodge declined and had told R.B. to get himself a job. This statement apparently enraged R.B., who started to fight Hodge during which he was stabbed.

  The victim sustained two stab wounds, one of which punctured his heart and the other his left cheek. The Prosecutor considered manslaughter proven, as he did not find any evidence of premeditation.

  On February 1, 2012, R.B. was sentenced to five years, one of which was suspended, for theft with violence and deprivation of liberty. The alleged crime was committed during the defendant’s probation period, which began January 7, 2015, and is to expire September 6, 2017.

  As there are indications of mental problems, the Prosecutor held the defendant less accountable for his acts.

  Attorney Safira Ibrahim claimed that her client’s alibi could not be verified because the exact time of the incident could not be established. She said calls to the 911 emergency number could not be retrieved.

  In questioning the accuracy of witness’ statement, the lawyer stated that her client’s clothing did not match those described by witnesses. The lawyer also pointed out that the murder weapon was not found and that no blood or her client’s DNA was found on the knife in the ditch.

Source: The Daily Herald