Twelve-year-old is found tied up

MADAME ESTATE–A twelve-year-old girl was found tied up in a trailer at Madame Estate close to the Zoo on Wednesday morning. The child apparently ran away from home early Wednesday and was missing for six hours before she was spotted opposite the Zoo.

According to police spokesman Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson, a minor child who attends a primary school on the Dutch side was reported missing at the police station by family members at approximately 2:30am.

Patrols were sent out immediately to search for the girl, but their efforts did not lead to a positive result, Henson said. Around 8:00am the Dispatch Centre received a call that the girl had been found alive in the area of Madame Estate/Sucker Garden, did not show signs of any injuries and was doing well.

“The Juvenile Department is conducting an investigation. The Prosecutor’s Office has been notified,” said Henson. The circumstances surrounding the incident are still unclear and many questions are being asked in the community.

Information reaching The Daily Herald suggests that the girl’s pink bicycle also was found near the trailer where she was discovered. The child’s stepfather found her and reported the incident to police.

The police are investigating how a 12-year-old left her house and what exactly transpired before she was tied up and left at the location. Family members rushed to the location and followed the child to the Juvenile Department on Wednesday.

Source: The Daily Herald