Two bomb threats at airport Sunday

SIMPSON BAY–Drivers and visitors alike experienced the discomfort of roadblocks and traffic diversions by police, after a bomb threat was received at 12:30pm Sunday.

According to the police, the Emergency Dispatch received two phone calls about two explosive devices placed in the vicinity of Princess Juliana International Airport SXM. Police sent patrols to the location, evacuated the building and searched the area. The all-clear was given at 3:00pm and the police announced that operations were back to normal at the airport.

However, police received another phone call at 4:30pm with a similar threat that there was another explosive device at the airport. Police spokesman Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson said the police had dispatched more patrols to the airport to evacuate the building again and conduct another search.

“We cannot take any chances and as much as it may be a prank, in this day and age it is better to be safe than sorry. Police take these threats seriously and we intend to investigate who made the false reports,” he said during the second search.

The police announced on Sunday evening that they were happy to report that all necessary actions to ensure the safety of the entire community had been taken when the calls came in. When the all-clear sign was given again by the search team, all traffic diversions and road closures were lifted and traffic was allowed to flow normally again.

Source: The Daily Herald Two bomb threats at airport Sunday