Two cruise ships will bring bikers Thursday

Caribbean Eagles lead visiting bikers off the cruise ship at Pointe Blanche.


POINTE BLANCHE–Bikers aboard two cruise ships will disembark in St. Maarten Thursday, to explore the local roads guided by Caribbean Eagles Motorcycle Club.

  Club President Jane Therond urges the public, road users in particular, to be extra careful and to give the bikers a chance to pass safely as the visitors do not know the island. “We want to show them we are the friendliest island in the Caribbean, but we need your help.

This way they keep coming back a lot, sometimes on a cruise and also for one or two-week stays,” she said.

  The Club has been hosting visiting ETA Motorcycle cruise bikers for more than a decade, but Thursday will be the first time two ships will bring in bikers on the same day. The cruises are specially designed for bikers from the United States and Canada with their own bikes. 

Source: The Daily Herald