Two-day workshop on labour relations | THE DAILY HERALD

Some of the workshop participants.

ANGUILLA–The University of the West Indies (The UWI) Open Campus Anguilla brought together persons from varying sectors of the community on April 14 and 15, for its highly anticipated “The Law and You! Labour Relations in Anguilla” workshop. 

  The workshop targeted specific areas of the Labour (Relations) Act and provided participants with a greater level of understanding and skills to effectively manage the workplace with the requisite knowledge of the labour laws of Anguilla. The interactive session presented practical applications to human resource needs by using the law. 

  Over the two days, participants were involved in group activities and in-depth discussion of the law. Participants also compared their current company handbooks to the current law, ensuring their compliance with the labour law. Additionally, the question and answer sessions were very helpful and included discussions on prejudices that are said to impede justice for labour relations in Anguilla.

  Participants in the course praised The UWI Open Campus Anguilla for the initiative and one of the attendees said, “We spent two wonderful days learning about the labour law and its application. It is an absolute necessity that employers and employees understand the labour law and use it effectively. We are now more knowledgeable and are grateful for this opportunity. The knowledge, insight of the law and the ability to connect with people by the facilitator made the world of difference.”

Source: The Daily Herald