Two days per week | THE DAILY HERALD

Curaçao Justice Minister Quincy Girigorie announced a “licence plate of the day” measure due to the coronavirus crisis. Starting today, April 2, vehicle owners must check the following list to know which day they can be on the road according to the letter on their number plates.

Allowed on Monday and Thursday are A/D/F/G/H/K/BF/Z/WA/SpKen; Tuesday and Friday: J/L/N/R/U/MF and Wednesday and Saturday S/T/V/X/Y. This means all regular motorists may drive two days per week while Sundays are “car free”. Public transport will continue their service daily until 9:00pm with the required social distancing. The following rules still apply: one person per car and one person per family in the supermarket.

Source: The Daily Herald