Two held for stabbing Venezuelan national | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–Two male suspects, M.J.H. (22) and C.V.R. (33), were arrested on Thursday, July 25, in connection with the stabbing of a Venezuelan national in St. Peters on Sunday, July 7, the St. Maarten Police Force KPSM said in a brief statement on Monday.

Venezuelan nationals living in St. Peters were victims of violent attacks in two separate incidents on Sunday, July 7.

Reports indicate that a group of men living in the district noticed that the Venezuelans do odd jobs around the neighbourhood. The Venezuelans are reportedly often harassed and robbed, not just on the road but also at their homes. The St. Peters bandits seem to be aware that the Venezuelans work in the district and elsewhere and in most cases get paid per day in cash.

The police did not disclose in which incident(s) the two arrested suspects allegedly were involved.

In one case a man was robbed by a group of men on Saturday evening, July 6. One day later, the victim, along with others, went to look for the stolen items and a fight ensued, during which the victim was stabbed. The group of Venezuelans rushed their friend to the Emergency Room where he was assisted by doctors.

In another incident, also on Sunday, July 7, at 9:20pm, four men armed with a machete and a firearm rushed into a bar on Soursap Road. According to eyewitnesses, the men came into the establishment and demanded money from the persons at the bar and the cashier.

A Venezuelan national tried to intervene and attempted to stop the robbery. One of the robbers sliced him with a machete, causing him to fall bleeding on the ground. The robbers took what they could from the persons at the bar and took off on foot. According to reports, the victim was driven to the hospital for treatment.

Both suspects remain in custody for questioning and further investigation, the police said.

Source: The Daily Herald