Two injured in explosion at apartment in Point Blanche | THE DAILY HERALD

A screen grab from a video that was circulating of the explosion shows the Fire Department at the scene.

POINT BLANCHE–A man and a woman were injured with burns around their bodies when an explosion occurred at their apartment complex in Point Blanche around 5:00pm on Friday.

Police said preliminary investigations suggest that the explosion occurred when one of the victims attempted to turn on a stove, resulting in a sudden and powerful blast. “This unfortunate incident resulted in serious injuries to both individuals present in the dwelling. Immediate first aid was administered before the victims were transported to the medical center for further treatment,” police said in a press release on Sunday.

Police said as of the latest update, both victims were receiving medical care for their injuries.

The Police Force of St. Maarten and the Fire Department are investigating the cause of the explosion.

Source: The Daily Herald